Feel Good Fitness: The Summer Edition!


Hello Gorgeous!
Welcome to my original 8 week
Feel Good Fitness program: The Summer Edition. It’s exactly what it says: A program that is focused on making you feel good about yourself and your body.
Up until the age of 22 I was never truly content with my body or how I looked. It is still a daily self-love journey to make the mind shift: It’s more important to be holistically healthy, rather than being obsessed with weight loss. I have learned to respect my body in whichever shape or size she manifests into when I am healthy. I haven’t stepped on a scale for more than 5 years – it is incredibly liberating! My wish for you is to love and embrace your body, no matter the daily ups and downs we struggle with so often.
Many of you have asked how I train and maintain my figure after my Miss South Africa journey, so this 8 week workout program is the answer. I enjoy doing it to feel good, strong and confident for skin showing SUMMER days!
PS. You’ll only need a skipping rope, so all workouts can be done at home or in the gym. Every week contains 4 workouts that will take around 45 minutes to complete. 
Big hugs,


8 week workout program designed by Renée du Preez (B Sport Sci Hons – Stellenbosch University).

For any queries about the workout program, please email Reneé at info@reneedupreez.com.

PLEASE NOTE: As with most digital and print offerings from audio and eBook retailers, there are no refunds on programs or products that can be downloaded, viewed, copied or stored in an electronic format. This is an industry standard. Therefore, this program is non-refundable, so please read the full program details before purchasing any program or product.