The Glow Up Guide


Hello and welcome to my 4 week GLOW UP toning guide! This is a very special time for me, as it’s the final countdown to my wedding day. I am on no mission to lose weight before the big day, as I am content with my holistic wellbeing at the moment. I am only focused on toning/sculpting my body to feel strong and confident in my own skin (and my wedding dress). I’ve decided to share this 4 week toning guide with you, as you might find it beneficial to tone and strengthen with me now, or for a special occasion in the near future. 😉
You might think toning is easier than cardio or a fitness challenge, but if it’s done properly, it can be just as hard. The determination to commit to a workout program all depends on the WHY – why are you focused on toning at this moment? Start visualising that picture in your mind and it will keep you focused on the end goal. With toning, you might not see immediate results, but please remember that it takes time to build and sculpt specific muscles. These 4 weeks will be specifically focused on the WAIST, BOOTY and ARMS. I asked Renée to formulate a toning guide for me according to those 3 target areas.
I hope that this 4 week guide will empower you to wear that off-the-shoulder dress and beautiful bikini bottom of yours with confidence. At the end of the day, we can ALWAYS wear what we want, but we also want to feel great in what we’re wearing.
“A woman who knows what she wants usually gets it!” 
I am excited to share my mantras for the New Year with you at the start of every new week. I am still working on figuring them out on a deeper level every day, but I do believe they have made a massive difference in my life already.
All my love,
for the last time as a Miss Hopkins,
4 workouts per week | 45-minute workouts | Equipment needed: dumbbells, exercise mat & a booty band (optional).


4 week toning program designed by Renée du Preez (B Sport Sci Hons – Stellenbosch University).

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